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It’s a New Year!

Ringing in a rather soggy, foggy 2015 so far. It’s been a great holiday season in spite of the mostly dreary weather. We’ve had trips to Austin, Sulpher, La., Galveston & San Leon, Tx. We visited Discovery Green and the light exhibit, walked the new Eleanor Tinsley Park, saw a…

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Getting Ready for September

One month to go before the boat docks with the new cookbooks! I know that I’ve seen and read through it all again and again, but actually holding the book in your hand is quite another thing entirely. I’ve seen these photos until I can’t look at them again without…

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August running into September is always an interesting time in Texas. Like most places, summer vacations are coming to an end, schools and therefore, work, begins again in earnest. This photo taken somewhere outside of Marfa where I was was the end of August while finishing up photography for this…

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Wow, here we are well over a year since my last blog post. When technical problems arise, sometimes these things slide into the “non-essential” category. The work to get the new cookbook into publication almost 3 years after its inception has been a wee bit drawn out, but looks like…

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April in Texas!

Here we are into Spring….and not. I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this “winter” in Texas. Due to the roller coaster affect, we’ve had cool (sometimes even cold) days followed by warm (but never too) days. Cool nights, spring-like days are everyone’s ideal…southern California anyone?  But now we…

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Photos turned in!!

Ah, a sigh of relief as I put the hard drive in the FedEx box last Thursday! More photos than I hoped to send, but as the editor has already said, his machete is sharpened and ready to go. With December here, though it hardly feels like it, the holiday…

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So close now…..

Almost December and starting to feel a little like fall here with lows in the 40’s at least and bright clear cooler days. This photo is the demolition of my mother-in-law’s house….one day…60 years. Go figure. Julie and I high-tailed it to Austin yesterday to shoot…yes…one last photo! It was…

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